You Don't Have to Fix Things on Your Own

Get help from a local construction crew in Eureka, McKinleyville & Fortuna, CA

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You shouldn't have to put up with broken windows or cracked sidewalks. With help from JNM Construction, you can improve your space with fast, reliable home repair services. We work with homeowners in Eureka, McKinleyville & Fortuna, California and the surrounding area to fix interior and exterior damage ASAP.

Call JNM Construction today for more information. We'll set you up with a local crew for service.

Interior and exterior repair services

We offer comprehensive home repair services. Whether you need a quick interior paint touch-up or major patio repairs, our local crew will work to get the job done efficiently.

You can call us for...

Interior Repairs
Trim | Baseboards | Paint | Fixtures | Drywall

Exterior Repairs
Siding | Windows | Doors | Paint | Concrete

Trust a professional with your residential repairs. Make an appointment with our local construction crew today by calling 707-496-4380.